C.I.T.S. Training Australia

Crane Course (C2)

Conducted over 3 days, C.I.T.S. provides Crane Courses for those looking to upgrade their skills or possibly change careers. Based on the National Guidelines for OHS standards, this course is designed to instruct the crane operator in the fundamentals of crane operation to a productive, efficient standard.

C.I.T.S. Crane Courses demonstrate how, through regular inspection and maintenance, an operator can ensure that the machine is in a sound, safe and mechanical condition prior to operating.

Course content:

  • Process workplace documentation
  • Apply OHS requirements
  • Plan job and set up work areas
  • Undertake site inspection / hazard control
  • Operating procedures and responsibilities
  • Crane terminology
  • Pre start inspection
  • Start up and shut down procedures
  • Maneuvering and positioning crane
  • Lifting and landing loads
  • Reading and understanding load charts

Course duration:

3 Days 


Must be 18 years of age

Course cost:


Additional Costs:

Worksafe Licence Fee - $64 payable to Australia Post

*The student tuition fees are indicative only and subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Unit codes and names:

Participants will be assessed in accordance with the following nationally recognised unit of competency:

TLILIC3008 - Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes)