This course is designed to instruct operators of All Terrain Vehicles. Drive vehicle in the operation skills required for safe operation, maintenance and driving, with a view to reducing the incidence of component failure or operator error. Resulting from incorrect operating procedures.


  • The skills and knowledge to operate an All Terrain Vehicle in an efficient and safe manner
  • The ability to recognize and evaluate hazards in a controlled anticipated action through defensive riding techniques
  • Pre-operation Inspection and Equipment checks of an All Terrain Vehicle
  • Load Inspection, check to confirm compliance with operation guidelines.
  • Personal Protection equipment and clothing to comply with legislation and regulatory requirements.
  • A knowledge of registration and licensing requirements and exemptions for All Terrain Vehicle.
  • Standard Assessment to Transport and Logistics Training Package TLI


Must hold a current Motor Car licence and must be at least 18 years old.

Course Costs:

Contact a C.I.T.S. Office for the current costs and details.